Proverb: we return home with a shield in our hands or on them !

In 2009, "arable land" technology did not have to settle down as each investor protects investments. Everyone understands loyalty in his own way. We represented one brand in our activity. Nobody can deny this fact. Hope you are doing well as we not. We was forced to stop all our activities, Lithuanian and English.

2017-12-** Genway Products are out with our scope of supply. According to our records, this is a joint venture between Genway & ABB China. Seriously?

ABB Genway Xiamen Electrical Equipment Company (CNDEX) was founded on December 2009, a joint venture that built by ABB Group which have the world leading power and automation technician and Xiamen Genway Security Technology Development Company.

ABB Group, Team, Limited ...

Need to clarify that company outsourcing some products, for example a power supply and etc., from the ABB.

We will not stop improving our services. "Are you ready for reduce prices in the whole world?" - as the choice exists and refusing is not our wisdom (read the proverb on top).


If you want to know how you can be rewarded, you are kindly invited to visit our upgraded services soon, but thanks for any advice if have such!

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Last modified on Mar 7, 2018